Halloween Pin-spiration

I have a Pinterest addiction.  I have ELEVEN crochet/knitting boards.  If you’re interested, you can find me by searching Kristin41478.  I wanted to share with you a few things that I’ve enjoyed making the most this Halloween, thanks to the awesome that can be found on Pinterest.  You still have time to whip up a few of these goodies too.  I didn’t use a pattern or even follow the links that accompanied the pictures I found, I just made them up as I went.

Halloween Hand Sanitizer


This is a super fantastic project for scrap yarn.   I found the felt Halloween stickers in the $1 section at Target.


Make as many chains as you need to go around the base of the bottle.  Half double crochet in the round until the bottle starts to get smaller.   Decrease by 4 (or as many decreases as you need for the shape of your bottle) for 1 or 2 rows (again, depending on the shape of the bottle).  End with a row of single crochet right before the cap of the bottle.

You can make the handle separately and attach it when you’re done, or you can reattach your yarn to the other end of the sanitizer holder and go from there.  I went down at least one hook size, and as you can see, none of my handles were the same size.  With the smaller hook, chain as many as you need to make the handle the length that you want it.  Go down to an even smaller hook size to make the button hole.  I think I went down to a 3.25 mm hook.  With the smaller hook, chain as many as you need to go around the button you’re using, slip stitch into the first chain you made with the smallest hook (this forms your button hole), switch back to the hook that you used to start your handle and slip stitch back to the beginning.  Attach your handle if you haven’t already.  Sew the button into place directly across from the base of your handle.

Odds and Ends tips –

For the fun hand sanitizers with the stickers, I used worsted weight acrylic yarn.  Even though the stickers were sticky, I still used a hot glue gun to attach them.  I know a few little monsters that will pull apart anything they can.  For the everyday hand sanitizers, I used cotton yarn.  I really like the way this looks.

Candy Corn Treat Bags


This is the horrible-est picture ever.  Sorry.  I made these for a friend, and I forgot to get a real picture before she picked them up.  They turned out to be super cute, and I didn’t want a craptastic picture to stop me from telling you about them.

Tips –

These are pretty self explanatory.   I think I started with 5 half double crochets in a magic circle and increased by 3 in every other row.  I also made a larger one as a trick or treat bag.  You might want to double the yarn (hold 2 strands together) if you make a trick or treat bag.  I ended up with a pretty floppy bag.  That’s fine for older kids, but toddlers need something that holds its shape a bit better.  Please don’t let this picture keep you from making these.  I really hate the camera on my ipad.

Felt Skull Beanies


I love these.  I did two for my nieces with the heart eyes and the others I wanted more unisex, so I stuck with circular eyes and used black thread for the nostrils.  I think I like them better with the circular eyes.  If you need help with a basic beanie, check out bobwilson123 on YouTube.

Tips –

Get creative!!!  Don’t let the lack of a printer stop you from making something out of felt.  I had to get very creative for these hats.  My printer is, sadly, no longer with us.  He had a long and productive life and all good things must come to an end.  I found a skull that I thought I could make work here.  It wasn’t quite right for what I was doing.  Little nieces have little heads, therefore they need little skulls.

Because my printer took a crap is deceased, I used my ipad.  I took a screen shot of the iron on decal and then traced it onto a piece of paper.  These are the screen shots I used.  (I even had to make it my lock screen so it would stop moving while I traced!  That’s desperation right there folks.)

skullsOnce I had the pieces the size I wanted them, I cut them out, combined them and traced them again.  Once I had the second tracing the way I wanted it, I cut it out and traced it once more onto cardboard.  (you can skip the cardboard if you’re only making one hat.  I was making a few and wanted something more sturdy to trace onto the felt).  Finally, I traced the skull onto white felt, cut it out, and attached it with black thread and a whip stitch.  Was there an easier way to get the results I wanted?  Probably.  Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.

skull hats                                      (another craptastic picture.  i’m working on that)

Happy Halloween everyone!

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