Crochet flower pot cozy


This is one of my favorite bits of happy.  It sits on my kitchen window and makes me smile.  It was super simple to make and I’m going to give you a basic guide to make your own.  I know, something this simple will be easy enough to figure out on your own, but sometimes a little reassurance that you’re on the right track is nice. This is a GREAT de-stash project.

The cozy pictured above was made about a year ago.  Because it’s an inside flower pot, I used acrylic yarn.  If you’d like to make one as an outside decoration, I’d suggest using cotton.  I think it would handle the weather better.

All you need is some yarn and the appropriate hook to go with it.  The yarn pictured above is Red Heart Soft.  The yarn below is I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby.

Here we go-

IMG_4706Make a chain long enough to stretch snugly around the base of your pot.  You don’t want it to be super tight.  Snug is good.  (No, you’re not doing this around the pot, the pictures just show the progression of the cozy in comparison to the size of the pot.  Check your progress often, so you can make adjustments as they’re needed.  It would SUCK to get the whole thing done and discover it doesn’t fit.)  Join with a slip stitch in the first chain and chain 2.

IMG_4707Half double crochet in every chain around and slip stitch in the top of the chain 2 to join.  My foundation chain is usually a little loose, so I did this first row pretty tight.

From this point until you get to the lip of the pot, increase by 2 in every other row.  Where you do this doesn’t matter all that much.  Try to add your increases evenly in the row, but don’t stress about it.


Add color changes wherever and however you like.  Or leave it plain and add some motifs later.  I think I’ll try that on a future pot.


The last row before the lip turned out to be an increase row for me.  It might not for you.  Depending on the pot you’re covering, you may have more of a lip or no lip at all.  If you have no lip at all, continue along as you have been.  If you do have a lip, you’ll need a few more increases in the next row to accommodate the pot.  For this pot I did 4 increases in the next row, plus the 2 increases in the previous row (the last row of white in the photo above) for a total of 6 increases.  I didn’t need any additional increases after this, so I just continued with the pattern until I got to just below the top of the pot.


I found with this cozy that ending with a few rows of single crochet gave a more finished and snugger (is snugger a word?  that doesn’t look like a word.  it doesn’t sound like a word either.  say it out loud.  SNUUUUGGGGGER. nope.  doesn’t sound like a word) finish.


And there ya have it.  A flower pot cozy.  It’s super simple and there are so many possibilities and endless variations to try.  I think these make great gifts and would probably sell pretty well at a spring or summer craft show.

check  out this little bit of awesome my daughter made in her pottery class (yep.  that’s a high school elective!)  it’s a deviled egg!  Ha!  I love it!IMG_4715

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4 Responses to Crochet flower pot cozy

  1. Sandy says:

    Love the pot cozy but am curious if you used the saucer that comes with the pot. Wouldn’t water drip out all over if you use them inside, outside won’t matter. Plan on making some for my porch in some bright colors.

    • I have limited space, so I don’t use the saucer. I make sure not to over water to prevent the water leaking all over the place. It’s a Gerber Daisy in the pot. I think I’ve had her for about 5 years and she’s a very forgiving little plant.

      Yay for bright colors!!!! I bet your porch will look awesome!

      • Sandy says:

        Thanks for the reply. I too have limited space, but I might try one with the saucer. Can’t wait to get started and have something colorful growing after the rough winter we had. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.

  2. harrietrosecreations says:

    Aww was it easy to do a plant pot cover!

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