Priorities shmiorities

My house is dirty. There’s laundry on the bathroom floor. I can no longer walk into my walk-in closet. My patio garden is a neglected mess. We haven’t been able to eat at the kitchen table in months. My computer desk no longer holds a computer, but rather, all the crap I don’t know what to do with. I only check my snail mail once a month. If I’m awake, the TV is on…..all day. I look at a sink full of dirty dishes at least 100 times before I wash them.

Dirty little secrets. Those are some of mine.

For all of my failures, faults and filthy secrets, I’m a pretty happy person. My happy comes from the few and far between hugs that I get from my very 14 year old daughter. It comes when my almost 13 year old son doesn’t roll his eyes when I speak. It comes everyday, via text, when my spectacularly better half checks in. And yes, sometimes, it comes when I run into the prom queen at the grocery store and she’s a miserable, unhappy beast. I said I was happy, not nice.

Nobody’s life is perfect. All children are evil little honey badgers at some point. Everyone suffers from parenting FAILS, relationship blunders and horrible get-out-of-my-face-before-I-punch-you-in-the-throat bad days. BUT, everyone should have a little happy to fall back on. A little somethin somethin on the back burner, so when your day has gone to shit and the world has put a target on your back, you’ve got something to smile about.

So, here ya go. Put this in your pocket and pull it out when you need a little happy.




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2 Responses to Priorities shmiorities

  1. BJacques says:

    HEY. Stop describing my house in your blog! You know what makes me happy? My sister showing up on my doorstep when I’m having a frazzled day. Because, you know, she’s all kinds of fun to slack off with. That and Muppets… particularly Fraggles.

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