The amazing babies have arrived!

I would like to open this blog by telling the world that I have the most amazing sisters in the entire world.  They have been amazing forever, but this summer they upped the awesome by providing me with a new niece and a new nephew.

My sister-in-law popped first, on a dark and stormy night.  But with a belly that looked like this just a few hours before delivering a little angel, dark and stormy was fitting.  Image

(monster belly created by my daughter)

Luckily for all of us, my amazing niece is anything but a monster.


(photo by Courtney Anton Photography and blanket by ME!)

Five weeks later, on a sunny summer morning, my sister and her family welcomed her son (my nephew, that’s the important part) into the world.


(My mom, dad, oldest niece, brother -in-law, brand spanking new nephew, his big brother and big sister)


(photo by Courtney Anton Photography and hat by ME!)

So, in case anyone needed proof, there ya have it.  I have the most amazing sisters in the entire world.


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2 Responses to The amazing babies have arrived!

  1. BJacques says:

    I’m pretty sure to have amazing sisters you have to BE an amazing sister. Yep. That’s called family relational math. Also? I made that up, but it SHOULD be real math.

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